Know Exactly Who is Mark Adams.

He is a Graduate from Business School of Texas State University. He is actually a visionary business policymaker and serial businessperson who have spent half his life of career with Fortune 100 Firms and the further half initiating and running numerous successful firms in a variety of diverse industries.

About Mark Adams Ceo Sozo

Mark Adams Ceo Sozo

These comprise two insurance firms, several cafeteria companies, a nationwide restaurant franchise, a worldwide nutritional products firm, an electric propulsion company, a company of national training and two novel companies planning to launch in 12. In 08, Mr. Adams was endowed the admired Ernst & Young Businessperson Award of the Year. In 1985, He is graduated from the Texas State University and used the next 18 ages of his career with 3 global publically retained companies comprising Johnson and Johnson, Xerox, and Bostik Adhesives. He spent 12 years at Bostik and there he aided in a diversity of senior sales management and planned business supervision rolls for Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe. In 1997, mark adams expected the role of Director of Global Sales for a particular of Bostik’s three global planned business corps with millions in annual deals. At the same time he turns out to be the General Manager and participant of the panel of directors in Nitta-Friendly Company, a big Bostik joint undertaking company grounded in Japan.


His Achievements in Current Century

In 04, Mr. Adams originated as Advocate, in Austin headquarters of MD Insurance Group Inc, TX. Advocate, MD is one of the biggest and fastest rising medical liability carriers of insurance in Texas with many physician policyholders. In November 09 Mr. Adams vended the firm for an industry high setting valuation compound and remains the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and President. In 07, mark adams leads to Murphy Adams Restaurant Group as a co-founder, LLC grounded in Austin, TX then in 08; He co-founded Management Group of Employers Trust, LLC or (ETMG), and presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. ETMG is a single, fast growing nationwide health insurance and worker benefits provider grounded in Austin, TX which was freshly voted as one among top five negotiators in US out of an assembly of 38,000 applicants by Selling Magazine of Benefits. Also in 08, mark adams and his partner started KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., that is a radical electric propulsion engine firm based in Austin, TX and staffs 57 engineers further approx. seven PhD’s and is presently in manufacture in Asia.

About Mark Adams Sozo

Mark Adams Sozo

Sozo Global

In 2009, he leads to co-found SoZo Global, LLC, a fast growing Austin, Texas grounded global company of network marketing that sells a private line of all nutritional products that are natural. Mark adams is the CEO and President of the firm. In 11, He co-founded school in Atlanta, Georgia based nationwide training company directed on entrepreneur, motivational business training  and professional growth for self-governing business owners. Mr. Adams presently serves on the panel of directors for numerous public (NASDAQ), private even non-profit administrations including the recommended board of the Texas State University. Presently mark adams resides in Austin, Texas with wife of around 23 years, named Melissa, and their sons.

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